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Poll Dorset Sheep & Exhibition Poultry

We are a small, self-sufficient farm located in mid Cornwall.
Run by our family since 1891.                      Poll Dorset Flock No. A21
Registered since 1973.

Hand Feed and Bottle Feed Animals

Tattykeel Blueprint 214-07

A visit to Australia was the perfect opportunity

We had been planning a trip to Australia, and wanted to introduce Australian Poll Dorset genetics to our flock. We were impressed with the type and conformation of the Tattykeel sheep, and arranged to visit them when we were in the area. We already knew about Blueprint, so when we got back to the UK we went about organizing to buy and import the semen. Semen had been taken from Blueprint before, however new EU importation laws prevented people importing things such as semen from outside the EU. After three years, 200 straws of semen were eventually imported. We have used Laparoscopic insemination with this semen on ewes in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 

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