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Poultry News

2014/15. We had a good start to the season with a Fawn drake and a Gold Pencilled pullet winning their classes at Bugle show.

We then went on to two judging appointments, first 74 runners at the BWA Show at Moreton Morrell, and second 60 runners at the DWC Show.

Next was the Poultry Club National at its new venue at the Exhibition Centre in Telford. We had a good result with 4 entries gaining 4 firsts, plus Best of Colour with the Fawn drake.


2013/14. Judging the Blue and Buff Wyandottes at the National meant a reduced entry for me, but the Silver Pencilled pullet won her class.

I then judged more than 100 runners at Devon and Cornwall Waterfowl, the biggest waterfowl show in the country.

Moving on to Stafford and to the highlight of the year with my Gold Pencilled pullet being Best Hamburgh.

The Silver Pencilled pullet was Best Silver; the Fawn Runner duck was Best of Colour.


2012/13. A quiet year with a Silver Pencilled pullet winning her class at The National, and the Gold Laced pullet also won her class at Stoneleigh.

The BWA show in November proved to be an outstanding day with the Fawns being 1st and 2nd in each class, the drake being Best Fawn and the duck being Best Opposite Sex overall.

At Stafford the Fawns again won their classes with the drake being Best of Colour. The Gold Pencilled and Silver Pencilled pullets both won their classes.


2011/12.  Bugle started our season again and our Gold Pencilled Hamburgh pullet won her class and went on to be Best Soft Feather Light Bantam.

On to Sticker where a different Gold Pencilled won her class and we also had Best Runner with a Fawn drake.

The BWA show this year was held at a new venue, Moreton Morrell in Warwickshire, where our other Fawn Runner drake won his class and went on to be Best of Colour.

The Poultry Club National was an even bigger spectacle this year. We won the Gold Pencilled Hamburgh Bantam class with a pullet, and the Silver pencilled pullet came first as well.   It was the Laced Wyandotte Club Show and we had Best Large Buff Laced as both the cockerel and pullet won their respective classes.

Devon and Cornwall waterfowl show again had a superb entry, there were over 120 Runners 20 of these were Fawns and we had 2nd with a drake.

Next was the Federation Show at Stafford, this year the weather was much better. Our Silver Pencilled Hamburgh Bantam pullets were 1st and 2nd and the Gold Pencilled pullet came 2nd. The Large Gold Spangled cockerel and hen were both 2nd.  

The Fawn Runner drake came 2nd, and the duck won her class. She was Best of Colour and was awarded Best Opposite Sex Runner.

Hannah showed her Blue Laced for the first time at Stafford and got a 4th with her pullet.   The Hamburgh Club AGM is held here and I was elected Chairman, a very great honour and apparently only the sixth person to hold this office in the club's history.

Pool in January is a Hamburgh Regional show. We won 1st with a Large Silver Spangled cockerel. Our Gold Pencilled pullet won her class, was judged Best Hamburgh, Best Soft Feather Light and then Reserve Show Champion.

We just sent 2 birds up to Reading and the Gold Pencilled pullet again won her class as well as Best Hamburgh, the Silver Pencilled pullet also came 1st. 

BWA Fawn Runner Exhibitor of the year.


2010/11. Again we started at Bugle and gained first with a Silver Pencilled Hamburgh pullet. Next was Sticker and a first for a Gold Pencilled Hamburgh pullet.

At the BWA show at Solihull our Fawn Runner duck won her class.

The National in November was a much improved event at the new hall. We had 1st and 2nd with Silver Pencilled Hamburgh pullets, the Fawn Runner drake won his class and went on to be Best of Colour.

Devon and Cornwall Show at the end of November was very cold but we had 3rd with a Fawn drake and 1st and 3rd with two young ducks in a class of 11, the winner going on to be Best of Colour. I also passed my Runner Judging test. 

We decided not to drive up to the Federation Show at Stafford, instead we sent up a few Hamburgh bantams with the Cornish contingent; thank you Andrew and Rodney and everyone who looked after them at the show. We were delighted to get Best Gold Pencilled and Best Silver Pencilled. Well done to Terry Maynard on getting Best in Show with a Large Silver Spangled Hamburgh cock.

We are now off to Scotland to judge the Hamburghs at the Scottish National. 

What a superb show the Scottish National is; a strong turnout of Hamburghs, mainly Bantams. I chose Peter Harrison's Gold Pencilled Bantam cockerel as the Best Hamburgh.

At Reading in February we had 1st & 2nd with Gold Pencilled females and 1st with a Silver Pencilled Pullet.                             BWA Fawn Runner Exhibitor of the year.                                                                    


2009/10. The new season for us again starts in September at Bugle where after winning her class, our Gold Pencilled pullet went on to be Best Soft Feather Light Bantam. Alice had an exceptional day with a Gold Pencilled Pullet winning Best Juvenile, Best Chick and Best Ladies exhibit.

On to October and the first time we have shown at Sticker, Gorran & St Ewe and our first BEST IN SHOW -a Gold Pencilled pullet. Hannah had Best Juvenile with a Large Gold Laced Wyandotte pullet. A Fawn Runner drake also won his class.  

Cornish Bantam Fanciers was next and a Silver Pencilled pullet won the Hamburgh class, on the same day we went to Solihull for the BWA Championship Show and had 2nd with a Fawn Runner duck.

We had 1st and 2nd with Gold Pencilled Hamburgh pullets at the National and 1st with a Silver Pencilled pullet.

Our Fawn Runner drakes were placed 1st and 2nd at the D & C Waterfowl Show at Wadebridge.

At the Hamburgh club show at Stafford we had Best Large with a Silver Spangled pullet, also Best Gold Spangled and Best Silver Pencilled. The Large Buff Laced Wyandotte also won his class.

We have hatched several chicks and ducks and Hannah now has Large Blue Laced Wyandottes so we look forward to the next showing season.


2008/9. Our season again started with Bugle, where we won with a Gold Pencilled pullet and a Gold Laced pullet. Next was Cornish Bantam Fanciers where the Gold Pencilled pullet again won her class.                                                                           My next outing was to the National at Stoneleigh for my first ever judging appointment. It was an honour to be elected to judge the Hamburghs. Thanks to Andrew Oatey, my steward, for his assistance in judging a very good entry.                         The following day I was judging again this time at the Devon & Cornwall Waterfowl Show at Wadebridge, where I was invited to judge the Indian Runner classes. There were about 100 runners in all, and with the help of my very able steward Michael Jackson it was a great experience. Two thoroughly enjoyable days and I hope to be invited to judge again in the future.    

On to Stafford next for the Hamburgh Club Show, we won Best Gold Spangled, Best Gold Pencilled Bantam and Best Silver Pencilled. The Laced Wyandotte Club Show saw us win Best Large Buff Laced. We also had an excellent day with Fawn Runners winning both classes with the drake being Best of Colour

In January it was Pool Show (Hamburgh Regional). A brilliant day winning Best Hamburgh with a Gold Pencilled Cockerel, who went on to be Best Soft Feather Light Bantam. We also had Best Large Hamburgh with a Silver Spangled Cockerel. Hannah and Alice both showed and both won their classes with Alice winning Best Juvenile.                                      


2007/8. We started the season at Bugle where we had Best Wyandotte and Best Runner.

At the National we won Champion Hamburgh with a Gold Pencilled Bantam Pullet as well as Best Large Gold Laced Wyandotte and Best Large Buff Laced Wyandotte.

The Hamburgh Club Show at Stafford saw us win Best Gold Pencilled, Best Silver Pencilled and Best Gold Spangled.           In January at Pool we had Best Hamburgh Bantam with a Gold Pencilled Pullet.


We only managed to attend 3 shows during the 2006/7 season winning Best Soft Feather Light Bantam at Cornwall Bantam Fanciers Show in November with a Gold Pencilled Hamburgh pullet, and then going on to win the same award with a Silver Pencilled Hamburgh hen at Pool in January.

At the club show at Stafford we won best Silver Pencilled Hamburgh and best Gold Spangled Hamburgh, so altogether a very successful season.

Hatching has gone well so far this year with some chicks from all our breeds.

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